adphos aLITE® – processing integrated in multilayer 3D-battery and energy storage production

Complex multilayer production process consisting of electronical and insulation conduction layers, anode/cathode layers, sealings and electrolyte paste based layers, either solvent or water-based, with wet coating thicknesses between a few microns (≤ 15 µm) up to several hundred (even ≥ 500 µm) are dried and sintered with coatings/layers adapted aLITE® process steps, all within one-digit seconds (even partially ≤ 1 s). The conventional drying and post-processing´s (heat and/or sintering) for these coatings would require minimum 30 s up to several minutes. The tremendous space savings

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Innovative technology for a sustainable future

Sustainability in our industry has become a focal point as end users expect transparency and change.

In this article, Joseph Link talks about how the textile & apparel industry has neglected its environmental responsibility for too long. As we look towards the future of printing, the adphos Group continues to push the boundaries in revolutionary ways.

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Seiko Open House

We look forward to being able to respond directly to your questions in personal conversations and hereby inform you about our invitation to the first real face to face meetings since March 2020.

Making innovations visible, perceptible and tangible

In addition to a large number of successful proof-of-application in the adphos laboratories in the segments of textile production, dyeing and varnishing applications, paper production, etc., we have developed an innovative, digitally applied overprint varnish system with our cooperation-partners Seiko, Actega and ideeGo. The adphos contribution

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Another adphos instantaneous drying solution for battery production lines

Again, a leading Asian battery company has selected adphos proprietary aNIR® – drying solution for its new processing lines.

This time the drying of barrier coatings for battery separators on temperature sensitive polymer films will be realized in the new production lines with aNIR®-driers. The aNIR®-driers enable here drying processes in a fraction of a second, compared of today required 5 to even 10 s with convection dryer-based solutions. With a dryer space requirement of only 10 % of the conventional dryer sizes, now even very compact and low-tension vertical coating lines can

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Analog-to-digital: adphos aNIR® dryer enables compact drying solutions in print finishing applications with digitally applied OPV (overprint varnish)

In addition to inkjet inks, often CMYK enhanced by white and other special colours, the Actega Terra inkjet R & D-team has developed an overprint varnish that can be applied to pre-printed surfaces, using the Seiko 1536 RC print head. This combination is applied in the modular print bar-arrangement “HIVE” from ideeGo GmbH. The compact aNIR® drying-module from adphos evaporates the water from the ink with maximum efficiency.

The four co-operating companies involved will present this concept in a panel discussion

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adphos propriety aNIR®-technology enables high quality, high performance Inkjet Printing for a lower cost as for offset printing

Thanks to the company own developed and widely patented advanced NIR (aNIR®) drying technology from adphos, now inkjet printing solutions can be offered that closes the gap with analog offset printing.

aNIR® enables inkjet printing that offers offset quality at a speed of 150 m/min on glossy papers with high ink coverage at top speed.

All that at costs lower than offset at higher run-length as in the past.

The aNIR®-drying technology allows an ink, ink coverage, substrate, material and format dependent intrinsic dryer power adjustment. So lowest, today’s dryer power configurations and lowest

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aNIR-enables zero carbon coil coating operation

Today´s coil coating lines emit large amount of CO2 (up to 20,000 t/a per line), resulting from the installed gas fired ovens for drying and curing of chemcoatings, primers and finish coatings. adphos company own developed propriety aNIR-technology now enables the drying and curing offered standard coatings (chemcoatings, organic primers and finish coating), completely CO2 free due to its intrinsic electro-thermal working principle.

Thanks to the unique working principle of the aNIR-technology:

  • • instantaneous drying and curing within 2 – 4 s,
  • • adjustable power depending on coating
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aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing – A game changer in battery cell production

adphos Thermal Processing GmbH (ATP), a specialist in drying and surface processing, has developed a new drying solution for anode and cathode water based and solvent based coatings.

The “aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing” allows a complete electrode coating drying, ten times faster and with only a fraction of drying power, down to 10 % of the present standard convection based drying solutions. Based on the company own development advanced NIR (aNIR)-platform technology, with the propriety “aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing”, an electrode coating up to 150 µm thickness can be dried

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Laser and Photonics Tradeshow Photos

View the photos from the Laser and Photonics tradeshow in Taiwan.

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The ArrowJet Aqua 330 Pigment-Based Digital Printer Debutted with adphosNIR Dryers

The video demonstrates the Memjet Duraflex-based print engine used in Arrows Aqua 330R combined with an impressive adphos dryer for high quality output and low overhead cost.

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