Laser and Photonics Tradeshow Photos

View the photos from the Laser and Photonics tradeshow in Taiwan.

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The ArrowJet Aqua 330 Pigment-Based Digital Printer Debutted with adphosNIR Dryers

The video demonstrates the Memjet Duraflex-based print engine used in Arrows Aqua 330R combined with an impressive adphos dryer for high quality output and low overhead cost.

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ResourceOne Increases Productivity with Addition of MCS and Adphos Technologies

MCS and the adphos group increase productivity and throughput on ResourceOne production lines.

You can view the full press release here:

ResourceOne Increases Productivity with the Addition of the MCS Hayabusa

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adphos aNIR dryers now proven to increase productivity of HP T-Series presses

Upgrade kits for T200, T300, and T400 series inkjet presses enable printers to increase their printing speeds by up to 60% and finishing speeds by up to 100%

Dozens of HP T-presses of 20-, 30- and 40-inch printing width have been installed in the past decade. Many of these have been upgraded with adphos dryers for increased productivity. adphos was approached by numerous HP T-press users and asked whether an aNIR dryer could increase the drying capabilities, running speeds and ROI of their inkjet presses. Adphos developed a series of solutions and successfully installed them on all width variations.

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Inkjet Summer School Course, July 9th

We are participating in IMI Inkjet Summer School 2020, 6-17 July 2020.

Join the Inkjet Drying & Curing Course on Thursday, July 9th 2020.

Course Leader: James Burbidge, Technical Director Europe – adphos Digital Printing GmbH

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Inkjet Innovation Week

Join us at the 2020 Inkjet Innovation Week. We will be talking about high-speed inkjet drying and how adphos can help your company improve efficiency and consistency while lowering overhead costs.

Learn from the industry leading experts about the latest developments in press, paper and software technology for high-speed production inkjet. 5 hours of expert coverage from the source you trust. Hosted by Inkjet Insight, this year is set to showcase the latest technologies you should be using right now.

5 Free Webinars | Register Today!

Register for Inkjet Innovation Week below:

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1.000,000 t / year CO2 reductions with aNIR

In 2019, the installed aNIR production facilities led to a reduction in CO2 emissions – from otherwise fossil-fired dryers and ovens – of 1,000,000 t/year.

The advanced NIR (aNIR) technology is a thermo-electrical technology developed by adphos for heating, drying and curing.
The combination of high-energy NIR power emission and warm impingement air flow results in a quasi-spontaneous evaporation of the water or solvents on the wet print, paints and functional coatings. Due to its innovative design the aNIR drying systems can dynamically be adapted to the widths, quantities

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Instantaneous Sintering Conductive AG paste with adphosNIR Technology At Convertech 2020

  • Emiter Power: 2.1 kW x 100%
  • Dwell Time (passing under 250mm emitters) – PET Film: 15mpm (1 sec) x 3 times, Paper: 20mpm (0.75 sec)

Sintering of the same Ag paste with hot air oven takes 20 min at 130 degrees C.

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Digital OverPrintVarnish and white inkjet-ink demonstration at InPrint

At iNPRINT Munich from November 12th to 14th, 2019 a consortium of four companies; ACTEGA, adphos, ideeGO & Seiko Instruments demonstrates the possibilities of water-based inks and varnishes.

Water-based inkjetable OPV makes set-up cost obsolete!

On the booth 730 of the Japanese printhead-manufacturer Seiko Instruments a water-based overprint varnish by ACTEGA will be ink-jetted with Seiko’s printhead RC1536-L onto a pre-printed paper-roll to demonstrate the versatility of a transparent fluid-application. The liquid will be applied in a 30 micron (wet) thick layer on a roll

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Broadening the range of applications for water-based inks!

As inkjet printing progresses, becoming faster and more reliable, regulatory questions like food-contact (Swiss Ordinance, etc.) and health and safety in décor applications (RAL for wallpaper, etc.) play an increasingly important role. This is where UV-curable inks often reach their limits, as their composition of reactive chemistry is often not compliant with health and safety requirements.

Water-based inks can solve this challenge, with a similar application process as UV-curable inks, but without the non-compliant materials. Water-based inks are comprised of binders, dyes

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