“New aLITE®” – Zero CO2 Emissions and even lower Energy Operation Costs than Gas Convection Systems

For decades fossil fired convection driers/ovens have been applied in most processing lines.

Whether for flexo, gravure, heat set or screen – printing presses or wet-coating processing of adhesives, lacquering, infiltrations hotair driers have been the industry standard. Even though these driers build large, are not very dynamic and not very flexible for process variation adjust-ments – but low energy operation costs due to the low gas price to electricity price – ratio (mostly < 1/3 even down to sometimes < 1/5!).

So electro-thermal, like induction or infrared process systems have not been competitive. What makes our new aLITE® the difference?

The advanced Light Initiated Thermal Emission (aLITE®) technology is a high energic, photonic energy source in combination with integrated high velocity controlled warm air impingement, ventilation and defined moisture suction.

Thanks to the possible almost instantaneous high energy and mass transfer an

  • vextreme dynamic (even within a fraction of a second) drying process and
  • • therefore a minimal foot print (most compact drying technology in the market) and
  • • flexible adjustable to relevant process variations (like width, speed, coating type, water content, …) and
  • • defined and precise process parameter control and
  • • no heat up nor stand by operation enables high
    • • productivity and
    • • product capacity and
    • • process efficiency

and generate no CO2 emissions, which are/will be banned in these up-coming years in more and more regions at the globe.

So that for a wide range of processing lines the aLITE® -systems are already now price competitive with respect to the energy operations costs- even without reflection of the CO2 taxes.

When adding also the todays and already defined further CO2 taxes, it becomes a cost killer for the gas systems. Additional significant cost savings are given (see graphic) for

  • • investment in process equipment and
  • • building and
  • • infrastructural installations

resulting from the extreme reduced space requirements and environ-mental and media supplies and treatments.

Finally, aLITE® can be even applied for very temperature sensitive pro-cesses (like printing and wet coating processing on plastic substrates, corrugated boards or polymer textiles).