Gas Dryer Upgrade adhoc saving up to 50% Gas with aLITE® from adphos!

Gas prices have not only risen extremely – even the gas supply is currently in jeopardy.

Gas dryers are primarily used in many surface coating processes and printing systems, whether for paper, plastic or textile applications. Despite the high consumption, alternative drying systems have not been successful in the past because of the low gas price. Production is currently completely endangered in view of the threatened, reduced and limited gas supply.

adphos offers an immediate solution with the company’s developed and proprietary aLITE® drying technology – a highly efficient electrothermal drying system – which works completely without gas and CO2 emissions.

Due to the possible compact design of the aLITE® drying systems, partial drying can be achieved as a so-called booster before the current hot air dryer and leads to a simultaneous reduction in gas consumption.

Gas savings of up to 50% can be achieved – depending on the drying process and the available installation space.

adphos offers now a free analysis and implementation evaluation (Gas Saver Check). aLITE® can be installed within just 6 months resulting from a positive assessment and guarantees immediate and ongoing enormous savings.

Download the GasSaver Checklist