Successful start-up of adphos BearLITE® for manufacturing of battery electrodes

In September, a BearLITE® (Battery electrode advanced rapid Light Initiated Thermal Emission)-based pilot production line for Li-battery electrodes has been started-up successfully at one of the leading Asian battery manufacturers.

The adphos proprietary BearLITE®-drying technology allows the processing and drying of wet electrode coatings in the blink of an eye (less than ten seconds) and is extremely energy efficient, the power consumption of standard convection dryers can be reduced by over 85 %!

The stand-alone solution installed at the customer has proven proper production performance showing excellent production results without cracks. The applied wet coating layer thickness of 280 µm, which corresponds to a dry coating thickness of 110 µm, adheres properly to the substrate. This happens within eight seconds of total drying time.

The BearLITE®-drying system can also be integrated into a combined drying process. Installed before the conventional hot air dryer it represents a high-efficient-booster solution with low additional space requirement. This pre-booster solution allows a production increase of more than 100 %.

The customer is extremely satisfied about the achieved results delivering a game changer in the production of Li-batteries.