adphos thermal processing technology is further adapted in battery manufacturing

In 2021 several thermal process lab and pilot systems for different, even multilayer, battery coating applications and a first high speed separator coating drying system to a leading Asian customer, has been delivered.

Early this year also two aNIR-drying and thermal processing systems for production of sheet fed based battery (electrodes), with a productivity of up to 500 components/h, have been successfully started. Drying and thermal process requirements with adphos proprietary aNIR solutions have been reduced from several minutes/component down to less than 3 seconds (!). This even at coating layer thickness of several hundred mikron. In addition, the afterwards necessary sintering of printed electrical coatings on thermal sensitive plastic films is realized with the aNIR-solutions.

Presently, adphos is involved in a series of projects with major international battery (mostly automotive) capacitors and printed electronics players, for systematical evaluation, engineering and/or introduction in industrial application processes. This partially for upgrades/improvements of existing process lines as well as greenfield installations.