adphos expands its activities in the digital print market

BRUCKMUEHL, DE – February, 2019 – We are pleased to announce that since the start of this year Frank de Jonge has joined adphos to head the digital print segment within the company. Customers, partners and prospects now have an additional contact person within the adphos group.

In the 1990s Frank de Jonge developed his passion for digital print during his role as product manager in AEG Olympia’s headquarter in Germany. Following this he has held positions in Account Management and Business Development at Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba’s digital print divisions. Since 2006 he significantly

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adphos announces a special event – The adphosNIR-Days

BRUCKMUEHL, DE – September, 2018 – adphos Thermal Processing GmbH invites experts of the industry to inspect the updated generation of NIR-technology at the adphosNIR®-Days taking place November 15-16, 2018 at the adphos Headquarter in Bruckmühl, Germany.

New technology developments and several production systems will be demonstrated and are available for physical inspection before they will be delivered to our end customer.

The focus of this special event is the thermal processing and drying of metal-based substrates and components. adphos will also outline the special advantages

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adphos Demonstrates NIR-Instantaneous Inkjet Drying and Dr. Kai Bär speaks at TheIJC USA Annual Inkjet Conference in Chicago

At TheIJC USA Conference, April 12-13, the adphos group will demonstrate how adphosNIR® technology allows users to dry and cure water and eco-solvent based inkjet inks in fractions of the time, space, and electricity of conventional systems.

BROOKFIELD, WI – March 26th, 2018 – adphos will be demonstrating updates to its family of drying and curing systems specifically designed for improved post-processing and NIR-Instantaneous drying and curing of inkjet inks on temperature sensitive substrates at TheIJC USA Annual Inkjet Conference, April 12-13 in Chicago.

Robotically Controlled

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New adphosNIR-BAT-Systems
Best Available Technology in Coil Processing

In coil coating, galvanizing, pickling or other coil processing applications, the drying and thermal processes are key contributors to the healthy bottom line of business.

With more than 20 years’ experience in thermal processing, adphos Thermal Processing GmbH, is proud to introduce adphosNIR-BAT technology, the Best Available Technology in Coil Processing, which ensures the utmost in speed, efficiency, and profitability in coil processing – and guarantees the lowest CO2-emissions.

adphosNIR-BAT allows:

  • – Extremely compact and dynamic operations beyond that of all other
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Printing with inkjet? Drying might be crucial

By Eddy Hagen

If you have ever spilled your morning coffee on your newspaper, you know how paper reacts to liquids. The paper will swell, it will become wavy and even when ironing it, you can’t get the paper back in the original shape. So, what about printing with inkjet on paper? What is the effect of that ink on the paper substrate? And can we do something about it? These questions were answered during The InkJet Conference last year, in a presentation by Kai K.O. Bär from Adphos.

What ink drops can do…

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adphos will introduce its new adphosNIR®-dryer modules at Labelexpo Europe 2017

adphos will introduce at Labelexpo Europe 2017, September 25-28, 2017 in Brussels, its new dryer series for label/narrow width printing applications and the current generation of adphosNIR® dryer modules designed for mono and process color inkjet as well as flexo printing applications for both continuous web and sheet fed applications.

adphos will also be introducing its new NIRPin® series of dryers for the pinning of Hybrid (water/solvent) UV inks as a substitution for UV-LED´s. NIRPin® modules are as compact as UV-LED´s, but allow higher pinning performance and lower investment costs.… Read more

Instantaneous Drying of Textile Printing Inks

adphos announces its newest development of instantaneous drying for textile printing applications – ready now just for FESPA.

adphosNIR® – a company owned and widely patented system technology – is already established in graphical and packaging printing drying, as well as metallic coil coating drying/curing.

In textiles, whether for instantaneous drying of a sublimation paper printed pattern or a printing pattern directly on the textile itself (screen as well as inkjet) now the adphosNIR® drying technology has been proven successful.

Special benefits like:
  • Instantaneous
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adphos Technology Delivers Speed, Consistency and Quality in HP T-Series Inkjet Presses

HP T-Series press users are now capable of running faster, printing on a wider range of substrates, use less energy, have improved print quality and much more with adphos solutions.

The adphos Group will be displaying their custom designed solutions for HP T-Series Presses at Jetcomm, March 1st in Phoenix, Arizona. This comes as no surprise to current HP T-Series press users looking to get more out of their inkjet presses. Christopher Sommer, Technical Director from Elanders GmbH explains the benefits it provides, “without the adphos dryer in our HP press, we would not have been able to achieve

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adphosNIR® Technology – Drying at the Speed of Light

The company own development and widely patented adphosNIR® technology has been proven now in multiple inkjet based printing application its outstanding and leading position for ink drying at the speed of light.


  • Instantaneous drying capability (within only tens of a second even high content water based inks on coated papers and plastic films)
  • Extreme compact dryer size (applicable also as intercolor printhead dryers or even as upgrade boosters in existing printing presses)
  • Low thermal stress to the substrates (strong reduction of paper dry out and mostly no need for remoistening
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adphos Invests in Printed Electronics Industry by Providing Solution to NextFlex Consortium

The adphos group invests in the future of the industry by providing adphosNIR® Mini-Lab system to NextFlex’s facility

BROOKFIELD, WI – December 1st, 2016 – The adphos Group had a great year in the Printed Electronics market and at the IDTechEx conference and show in Santa Clara, CA this past November. The adphos group highlighted its new NIRDot-3D system, a high density light focusing system that delivers near laser like performance at a fraction of the cost, and leveraged its partnerships within the industry with live equipment in several booths at the show. Through the various partnerships

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