Technology that reduces energy consumption and helps the climate – don’t whine, act!

Everyone, whether in private households or in industry and crafts, has now unmistakably experienced the enormous price increases for fossil fuels for heat and electricity.

Countering these enormous additional costs, even in the short term, certainly involves saving and thus reducing consumption. However, a distinction must be made here as to whether less of the same is used or whether alternative options are used for the respective heat or energy consuming process. In both cases, innovative, efficient technologies are of outstanding importance and the use in the short-term of verified and climate-friendly replacements is essential. We need solutions now for the significant reduction in energy expenditure and its resulting cost –production and industrial processes cannot run without energy.

In addition, fossil fuels, such as gas, oil, coal and wood pellets are now undisputedly recognized as drivers of CO2-induced climate damage – thus certainly not desirable options for alternative solutions – if at all only to compensate for ad hoc supply bottlenecks.

Replacement solutions already exist – even now – so-called complete electro-thermal based heating and thermal process solutions. These are usually also available more intelligently than the electrical heating of gas/air volumes and allow, instead of burning fossil carriers i.e. Natural gas, as well as provide a significantly more energy-efficient target processes.

Particularly outstanding here are the aNIR/aLITE platform technologies, some of which have already been used commercially for years in a wide variety of printing, coating and other surface processes. Nevertheless, in the past, due to the extreme cost advantages of purchasing gas compared to electricity Price/kWh by a factor of up to > 4 (!), the demonstrably enormous energy savings of aNIR/aLITE of > 3, often even more than this, were able to overcompensate for the resulting energy costs. This no longer applies since the beginning of this year or when the effects of new or renegotiated energy contracts!

With the aNIR/aLITE technologies, gas price increases of ≥ 4 can be neutralized and electricity price increases can be extremely mitigated because of the reduced and efficient use of energy. In addition, approx. 2 – 3 kg (!) of CO2 emissions are avoided for each replaced kWh of gas heat.

The aNIR/aLITE technologies enable other thermal or thermo-chemical process solutions in addition to the diverse applications as drying or oven solutions.

adphos offers quantified, i.e Gas saver analysis and aNIR/aLITE fallback solution assessments. Many of these analyses result in a short-term payback of less than 18 months, often even less. The aLITE replacement/conversion solutions can usually be implemented within 6 – 9 months.

The first users of the conversion/upgrade option offered by adphos with the innovative adphos technology (aNIR/aLITE) are already independent of gas purchases and were therefore able to make a positive contribution to combating the climate crisis.