adphos Technology Delivers Speed, Consistency and Quality in HP T-Series Inkjet Presses

HP T-Series press users are now capable of running faster, printing on a wider range of substrates, use less energy, have improved print quality and much more with adphos solutions.

The adphos Group will be displaying their custom designed solutions for HP T-Series Presses at Jetcomm, March 1st in Phoenix, Arizona. This comes as no surprise to current HP T-Series press users looking to get more out of their inkjet presses. Christopher Sommer, Technical Director from Elanders GmbH explains the benefits it provides, “without the adphos dryer in our HP press, we would not have been able to achieve

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adphos Invests in Printed Electronics Industry by Providing Solution to NextFlex Consortium

The adphos group invests in the future of the industry by providing adphosNIR® Mini-Lab system to NextFlex’s facility

BROOKFIELD, WI – December 1st, 2016 – The adphos Group had a great year in the Printed Electronics market and at the IDTechEx conference and show in Santa Clara, CA this past November. The adphos group highlighted its new NIRDot-3D system, a high density light focusing system that delivers near laser like performance at a fraction of the cost, and leveraged its partnerships within the industry with live equipment in several booths at the show. Through the various partnerships

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Case Study with Christopher Sommer from Elanders GmbH

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adphos Introduces the NIRDot 3D at IDTechEx Printed Electronics Exhibition in Santa Clara

Adphos has manufactured a solution for the industry which features laser-like performance and precision for a third of the price allowing users to expand their application range

BROOKFIELD, WI – October 31st, 2016 – The adphos Group is thrilled to showcase the newest solution for the Printed Electronics market, a high density light focusing system that delivers near laser like performance at a fraction of the price. Designed to dry, cure and “pin” material for 3D and direct to shape printing applications, the NIRDot 3D will put radiant energy exactly where needed. The NIRDot 3D will be demonstrated

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adphos’ Record Setting Year

The adphos Group secures more sales and grows its portfolio of accounts to a new record by expanding its footprint in the Graphic Arts and Printed Electronics markets

BROOKFIELD, WI– September 16th, 2016 – Adphos North America, Inc., a division of the worldwide adphos Group, had their best year ever through expanded product placements and a significant number of new accounts within the graphic arts and printed electronics marketplaces.


  • • Greater than 20% increase in overall revenue
  • • Acquisition of several key accounts in the Graphic Arts and Printed Electronics industry
  • • Significant
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Adphos Showcases Major Updates and New Drying Systems

Adphos has enhanced and done major updates to their M-Series and NIRWeb solutions with improved user-friendly interfaces, easier electrical and mechanical integration and near instant start capabilities to allow users to do more than ever
BROOKFIELD, WI– August 26 th, 2016– adphos will be showcasing their family of proven drying systems in their booth(#1019) at Graph Expo in Florida, September 25-28. The biggest update of the world’s most advanced thermal dryers, featuring new and improved serviceability that delivers ease-to-use and hassle free maintenance while allowing for easier
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Verbesserte Trocknung notwendig! Der Digitalmarkt hält nach adphosNIR® Ausschau

Auf der drupa 2016 wurden viele Hochleistungs-, Digital- und konventionelle Druck- und Beschichtungs-Maschinen vorgestellt. Fast alle zeigten aufgrund der installierten Trocknerlösung Einschränkungen betreffend Kapazität, Leistung oder Qualität, sofern sie nicht bereits die adphosNIR®-Trocknungstechnogogie anwenden.

adphos wurde betreffend

  • –  Geschwindigkeit bei Bogen- oder Bahnanwendungen,
  • –  einer größeren Bandbreite an Substraten, speziell für kommerzielle Offsetoder beschichtete Glanzpapiere,
  • –  wasserbasierte UV-Hybrid Tinten,
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Enhanced Drying Required! Print Market Looks for adphosNIR Technology

At DRUPA 2016, enhanced drying required by many, typically high productivity, digital, conventional printing and coating machines have been introduced. But almost all showed capacity, performance or quality limits due to their installed dryer solutions – that is those not already using adphosNIR®-drying technology.

adphos has been contacted to upgrade, enhance or even retrofit in place of these existing driers, whether:

  • For speed in sheet and continuous web processing,
  • For a wider range of substrates, especially commercial offset or coated glossy stocks,
  • For waterbased-UV-Hybrid
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adphos introduces the new aLITE®-Technology revolutionizing “direct to shape printing” at drupa 2016

aLITE®-Technology, advanced Light Initiated Thermal Emission from adphos (in short adphosLITE®), will be launched at drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf.

aLITE is based on an area-focussed, high intensity energy source, to allow instantaneous thermal processing. Thus water based or solvent based coatings can be instantly dried or even cured, which is a mandatory requirement to overcome the present application barriers to coating applications in “direct to shape printing”. Today these applications are typically performed by integration of label-printed solutions into the industrial production

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High speed drying, curing and thermal processing by adphosNIR at drupa

At drupa 2016, adphos Group will highlight applications of high speed drying, curing and thermal processing enabled by its adphosNIR technology.

Applications include:

  • Drying of inkjet inks for direct mail at 914 m/min (3,000 fpm)
  • Sintering of conductive inks for printed electronics at 152 m/min (500 fpm)
  • Drying of water based adhesives for packaging at 305 m/min (1,000 fpm)

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