Learn about curing and drying at the IMI InkJet Summer School

The IMI Europe Inkjet Summer School is the ideal way to learn more about key aspects of inkjet technology, from the basics through to advanced courses on inks, printheads and applications. Also this year, like in many years before, adphos contributes to the curing and drying sessions on Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 14th, 2019.

25 years’ experience in optimized drying solutions

Through the investigation and delivery of thousands of drying/curing projects, adphos has gained a great depth of knowledge and application expertise – ranging from drying aqueous ink onto thin films to drying inks onto heat reactive substrates and a drying on a big variety of paper-stocks

adphos contribution to IMI InkJet Summer School


  • – What is dry, and how dry is dry?
  • – Ink Makeup
  • – Differences in inkjet heads and resulting chemistry

The principles of:

  • – Wetting & Setting
  • – Absorption in Pourous & non-porous Media

Paper and ink characteristics

  • – Spectral absorption of inks
  • – Spectral absorption of paper

Defining durability, liquid removal and measuring it

  • – What are we are measuring?
  • – Test procedures

Comparison of systems

  • – Drying processes
  • – Dryer designs
  • – Homogeneity due to focusing and airflow management

Application examples

  • – Machine layout and its influence

The development of Hybrid-UV

  • – Introduction
  • – Hybrid UV Process
  • – Benefits
  • – Current uses

Benefits of aNIR®

aNIR®’s speciality is primary energy absorption on the wet printed pattern and not on the substrate itself. adphos aNIR® enables instantaneous start/stop drying-technology and significant energy savings packed in extremely compact designs. The aNIR® drying, which essentially addresses only the printed areas and thus causes little heating of the substrates, dries the wet ink very efficiently in a fraction of a second resulting in a completely flat paper without dehydration.