Hunkeler Innovation Days 2019

Once again adphos Digital Printing GmbH will be represented at the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 in Lucerne in Switzerland (25-28 February). Here we will present our newest developments of the adphosNIR® drying technology. The innovative adphosNIR® technology has over two decades of successful history in a wide range of inkjet applications, making adphos the world leader in ink drying.

The in-house development by adphos of its adphosNIR®  technology has been proven to deliver success in a very wide range of inkjet applications, making adphos a worldwide market-leader for drying ink at the speed of light.

Get convinced of the special features and options with adphosNIR® -Technology:

  • Instantaneous drying capability (within only tenths of a second, drying even high content water based inks on coated papers and plastic films!)
  • Extremely compact dryer size (with a wide range of configurations such as; inter-colour dryers or retro-fitted as upgrade booster dryers in existing inkjet printing presses)
  • Low thermal stress to the substrates (strongly reducing paper “dry out” and mostly removing the need for remoistening and substrate cooling equipment)
  • Excellent dryer efficiency, with the lowest dryer energy consumption in the market today for an application, typically offering improvements of 50 % (against IR, hot air) and up to 75 % (against hot drum dryers)

adphosNIR® enables optimal printing quality (sharpness, brilliance, colour density, flatness) and highest printing performance (according to speed, applicability on widest range of substrates and lowest required drying power).

Take the opportunity to visit us at our information booth C12 at the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 to discuss the technology and any limitations that you might want to overcome – improve the print quality or printing performance of your existing inkjet printing press.

The special and unique adphosNIR® principles & benefits will be shown in live running presses. In addition our latest generation of adphosNIR® dryer modules for

  • Web based
  • Sheet-fed
  • Wide-format
  • Print to shape

applications, will be shown.

We are looking forward meeting you soon at this special event and invite you to come back to us if any questions arise or should be discussed before.