adphosNIR® technology ensures high performance and quality for digital printing presses

The graphic arts industry has already made a significant investment in inkjet and believes that the market will experience growth in a wide range of applications – even before DRUPA 2016.

Today, more than ever, known bottleneck limitations are a problem for productivity:

  • –  Limited range of substrates
  • –  Ink coverage (even less than 270%)
  • –  Color density limitations
  • –  Reduced productivity and performance – especially for coated and

    glossy substrates

  • –  Waviness (cockle and curl) of printed products
  • –  Longer make readies with resulting paper losses
  • –  Substrate over drying which may need remoistening or re-saturation
  • –  Smearing and offsetting which may require an overcoat

    These limitations are independent of the inkjet technology and/or inkjet supplier. To answer these limitations, the adphos Group has developed the next generation of our renowned dryer family with adphosNIR® technology to significantly decrease or eliminate the limitations.

    adphosNIR® Technology provides:

  • –  Near instantaneous drying
  • –  Enhanced print quality (higher resolution, color density, brilliance)
  • –  Reduced heating of the substrate
  • –  Flatter books and printed materials

    The small footprint of adphosNIR® drying technology allows for easy integration on existing presses possible. Contact adphos how to learn about the number and variety of inkjet presses we have retrofitted and

how to increase the performance of your inkjet press. We offer a wide range of standardized kits to fit your existing press.

Also, make sure to stop at the adphos booth C03 in Hall 6 at DRUPA for even more information on how our technology can help you achieve desired outcomes.