Another adphos instantaneous drying solution for battery production lines

Again, a leading Asian battery company has selected adphos proprietary aNIR® – drying solution for its new processing lines.

This time the drying of barrier coatings for battery separators on temperature sensitive polymer films will be realized in the new production lines with aNIR®-driers. The aNIR®-driers enable here drying processes in a fraction of a second, compared of today required 5 to even 10 s with convection dryer-based solutions. With a dryer space requirement of only 10 % of the conventional dryer sizes, now even very compact and low-tension vertical coating lines can be realized with the aNIR®-systems.

In addition, thanks to the fully electro-thermal aNIR®-technology, energy saving of up to 80 % and no CO2 emissions, has to be addressed. Furthermore, the application for the drying of water as well as solvent-based coatings is possible and already realized.

Therefore for battery electrode coatings, either as integrated and booster aNIR®-solutions or completely stand-alone with the proprietary BearLITE®-process are given. The resulting battery products provide greater power, higher energy density and performance compared to traditional dried battery electrodes. Even dynamic heat assisted NIR-processing in electrode calendering processing is successfully proven.

aNIR® Technology Dryer