adphosNIR® Technology – Drying at the Speed of Light

The company own development and widely patented adphosNIR® technology has been proven now in multiple inkjet based printing application its outstanding and leading position for ink drying at the speed of light.


  • Instantaneous drying capability (within only tens of a second even high content water based inks on coated papers and plastic films)
  • Extreme compact dryer size (applicable also as intercolor printhead dryers or even as upgrade boosters in existing printing presses)
  • Low thermal stress to the substrates (strong reduction of paper dry out and mostly no need for remoistening equipment and/or any substrate cooling)
  • Excellent dryer efficiency, lowest dryer energy consumption today in the market, better than 50 % (IR, hotair) and up to 75 % (hot drum dryers)

adphosNIR® allows today the best printing quality (sharpness, brilliance, color density, flatness) and highest printing performance (according to speed, applicability on widest range of substrates and lowest required drying power).

See us at Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucerne to discuss also your present limit to overcome – enhance printing quality and improve the printing performance of our InkJet printing press.

At our Information booth the special and unique adphosNIR® principles will be shown in live demonstrations. In addition the youngest generation of adphosNIR® dryer modules for


  • Web based
  • Sheet-fed
  • Wide-format
  • Print to shape

For further information, contact via email or by phone (+ 49 8061 395-0)

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