1.000,000 t / year CO2 reductions with aNIR

In 2019, the installed aNIR production facilities led to a reduction in CO2 emissions – from otherwise fossil-fired dryers and ovens – of 1,000,000 t/year.

The advanced NIR (aNIR) technology is a thermo-electrical technology developed by adphos for heating, drying and curing.
The combination of high-energy NIR power emission and warm impingement air flow results in a quasi-spontaneous evaporation of the water or solvents on the wet print, paints and functional coatings. Due to its innovative design the aNIR drying systems can dynamically be adapted to the widths, quantities and production speeds required.

The aNIR systems are already used in a wide range of industries for paper drying, paper coating, printing (inkjet, flexo, gravure and offset), painting and coating process lines, coil coating lines for steel and aluminium materials and even in thick-film applications such as for battery electrode production.

aNIR Curing Ovens for Coil Primers

aNIR curing ovens for coil primers and top coats (12 m) replace gas ovens (approx. 70 m)

adphos Group

The adphos-group, headquartered in Bruckmühl, Germany, has developed with its aNIR-concept a platform-technology that offers significant advantages in a wide variety of thermal processes across the different industries in adphos’ global partner network.