The adphos Innovative Technologies GmbH (AIT),  adphos Thermal Processing GmbH (ATP) and adphos Digital Printing GmbH (ADP) were founded in 2009 after reorganization. The focus of the companies lies on use in the area of thermal processes and the distribution of standard components (NIR heating modules) as well as the engineering of special purpose machines and also dryers for digital printing technologies.

The patented NIR technology from adphos (adphosNIR®) allows a shortening of thermal processes in comparison with other heating technologies like infrared induction or hot air. Through this the production lines can be shortened and a significant power-saving with a CO2 reduction can be achieved.

Whether quick and controlled heating of components or continuously produced goods is necessary as well as drying / curing of coated surfaces (e.g. Coil Coating) is required, the adphosNIR® technology from adphos performs this

* within seconds
* defined and reproducible
* on temperature sensitive materials
* energy efficiently.

adphosNIR® is applicable for all materials, in particular also for temperature sensitive materials.

With our lab facility and pilot test systems, we can adjust your application near to reality, or even an integration of our test system into your production process is possible.

In addition, we offer engineer services for the numerical simulations which leads to shorter development of thermal processes and procedures.

Our target is, to provide our customers with the optimum solutions with a high added value. Therefore, the needs and requirements of our customers have priority.

We assert that we find the optimum solution for your planned application. Though, we limit ourselves not only to our core competence – the NIR technology – but incorporate also the given boundary conditions in our consideration.


Your adphos-Team